Hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine

October 08, 2021

Currently, in the slope greening protection business, hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine are widely used. Slope greening maintenance projects require irrigation to ensure that the grass is in good growth. Special irrigation techniques that conserve water resources, increase survival and promote the growth of grass and shrub plants (drip irrigation, infiltration irrigation, water injection root irrigation, etc.).

 Hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine

The hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine is the process of spraying a carefully selected blend of seeds, fertilizers, soil and water in one application using a special pump. The added mulch fibers retain moisture, moisten the seeds, prevent wind and soil erosion, and maintain a constant soil temperature, giving the seeds the best opportunity to germinate and grow.

 Hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine

Benefits of using hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine:

1. Hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine is powered by dual diesel engine, separate mixing and output, high lift, high efficiency, high speed, green seed in the reservoir area of​highway slopes, railroad slopes, dam embankment slopes Can be used for. It is used to spray and plant paddy fields, lawns, trees, flower seeds and other crop seeds. It is also used for irrigation, fertilization, pesticide application and other routine maintenance and soil improvement work.

2. Construction site soil machine can add soil to the hydroseeder, add soil, and reduce the consumption of paper fiber and wood fiber depending on the situation of the construction site, so the construction cost is reduced and the construction Increases and improves grass sprouting and viability;

3. According to the actual structure, diesel power can be replaced with motor power and additional wheel mounting can be added. This not only reduces the cost of using the machine and makes it easier to move, but it also adds a gantry crane for easier handling. Installation according to customer's request.


4. Safe and easy operation, equipped with a fully functional operation panel on the hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine with soil skid platform, 80 cm high fence can be attached and detached as needed, so console, gun Not only does it ensure the safety of operators and other staff, it also allows you to temporarily stack items on the table.

5. The tank body can be uniformly suspended once in the stirring and sowing process by double stirring of paddle mechanical stirring and loop jet stirring.

6. Hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine is equipped with universal direct sowing system and leadpipe system, adopting different sowing methods depending on the construction site, improving efficiency and meeting the demands of various spraying methods.


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