How to choose and maintain the grouting pump?

November 08, 2018


When choosing a professional grouting pump, you must go through thousands of choices, because this machine is used on the construction site. If you buy a poor quality machine, it will not only affect the progress of the project, but also cause engineering accidents when the situation is serious. Safety is not guaranteed. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of construction workers, buyers must choose thousands of choices when purchasing mining cement grouting machines.

First of all, the project needs to lay the foundation of the most basic foundation. If the most basic projects are completed, then the project is doomed to failure. Whether it is building or repairing paving roads, we must do the most basic grouting tasks. Consumers should not only pay attention to the price when purchasing, but also carefully understand the performance of the machine itself. The performance of the machine is of high quality and can not be sloppy in the grouting task.

After purchasing the grouting pump, the use of the grouting pump requires not only skilled operation, but also to ensure its excellent performance and prolong its service life. After the end of use, it must be maintained. For maintenance, the technician gives The following suggestions:

1. Clean the air duct, grouting hose, nozzle, etc.;

2. Turn off the motor power of the grouting pump, turn off the air supply and valves, and check whether the parts are in good condition;

3. Check whether the precision parts are damaged, whether the screws and nuts are loose, and whether the individual dashboard pointers are zero;

4. If it is not used for a long time, not only the residual material in the hopper should be cleaned, but also the sealing oil should be applied to the core parts to prevent rust.

The above is the maintenance method after the grouting pump is used. I hope you can refer to it, which can increase the service life of the grouting pump.

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