Hose pump for mud drilling

March 01, 2021

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, serious water pollution, industrial waste water, domestic sewage, and all kinds of domestic garbage are in the river course. Like those rivers or ponds with less river water, due to the discharge of garbage and wastewater, the river water will become smelly over time, the river water is less and less, the silt is more and more, and the manual treatment is inconvenient. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, industrial soft The tube pump was born. The hose pump for mud drilling used in sewage treatment and transportation of sedimentation sludge, with excellent transportation effect, zero blockage, zero leakage, no failure rate, self-priming capacity of 8 meters, no grouting, and only need to turn on the switch when starting to run. It is a time-saving, labor-saving, worry-free and cost-effective new industrial pump.

hose pump for mud drilling

The advantages of hose pump for pumping mud:

1.The fluid only contacts the pump tube, not the pump body.

2. High precision: repetitive precision, high stability and precision.

3. Low shear force: It is an ideal tool for conveying shearing and aggressive fluids.

4. Good airtightness: It has good self-priming ability, can be idling, and can prevent backflow.

 5. Simple maintenance: no valves and seals. The drilling mud used hose pump has the same flow capacity in both directions, and will not cause damage to any parts of the pump under the condition of no liquid and dry operation.

The hose pump for mud drilling has the following advantages:

1.No contamination-the liquid only touches the pump tube, and no other parts of the pump body are contaminated or touched.

2.Durable-suitable for various industrial or laboratory conditions.

3.Easy to clean and clean-just simply replace the pump tube or clean the pump tube to work again.

4.Multi-purpose-soft, ideal tool for pumping shear and aggressive fluids.

5.Low maintenance-no seals, no valves, no joints, no place for liquid to leak.

 hose pump for mud drilling

The hose pump for pumping mud applications:

Mining and metallurgy: filling materials in mining, ore slurry sedimentation and slurry transportation in the gold smelting process; sewage treatment: quantitative transportation of lime slurry, sediment and iron transportation, sludge, lime slurry transportation; chemical industry: corrosive liquid , Hydrocarbons;

Paint coating: quantitative delivery of ink;

Textile industry: quantitative delivery of dyes; ceramic industry: pumping abrasives; paper industry: pumping pulp and dyes;

Medicine, cosmetics: conveying of various medicines and liquids, spray drying, spray granulation supporting; Circulating conveying: conveying of high viscosity, multiphase flow medium;

Food and beverages: wineries, wineries, dairy products, refined sugar, bakeries, slaughterhouses and fishery treatment; agriculture: spray granulation, pellet slurry, additive supply, animal and wastewater transportation

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