Grout pump station for work in offshore grouting

July 30, 2021

Grout pump station for work in offshore grouting are suitable for the construction and reinforcement of dams of all kinds. As the population grows, the need for dams and reservoirs for urban and agricultural water supply, flood control, power generation, industrial use, and recreation is constantly increasing. Therefore, if you need to build, repair or reinforce a dam, you need a dam injection device.

Grout pump station for work in offshore grouting has the advantages of compact construction, long plunger life, small grout pulses, and adjustable pressure and flow rate. Dam grout equipment is a complete set of equipment that combines grout machines and grout pumps to perform efficient and low consumption tasks, effectively reducing complex procedures and long-distance operations. The pulping machine performs high-speed pulping such as cement slurry, stores it, and pumps it directly to the construction connection point using a grout pump to complete the grout without interruption.

 Grout pump station for work in offshore grouting

The grout pump station for work in offshore are mainly used for road, railroad, hydraulic, construction, mining, dam and other above-ground and underground engineering construction, water, cement, sand, bentonite, fillers, clay, silicates and others. You can mix media quickly. Next, the plunger grout pump grout / grout provides waterproof plugging, tunnel lining, dam reinforcement, crevice filling and more. Our grout mixer pumping stations have the advantages of compact construction, high grout pressure and wide range of applications.

Grout pump station for work in offshore grouting

The grout pump station for work in offshore consists of a high speed grout mixer, a stirrer, and a two-cylinder piston grout pump. The cement grout unit uses a 2-cylinder piston jet pump with an injection pressure of up to 100 bar and a flow rate of up to 80 L / min. The high speed scroll mixer ensures fast and uniform stirring. The grout device employs hydraulic drive and motor drive. The grout pressure and displacement are adjustable.

The grout pump station for work in offshore has the following advantages:

1. Continuous output with small pulses or kicks or jerks

2. Both grout injection pressure and flow rate can be adjusted steplessly.

3. High speed vortex mixer ensures uniform and quick mixing.

4. Grout mixer and agitator switch with squeeze handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

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 Grout pump station for work in offshore grouting

There are dozens of types of grout mixer pumping stations, so we will provide the appropriate type and optimal solution according to your needs. Customization is also supported if there are special requirements. So now contact us for more information on grout equipment for dam foundations for your business !!!Email:

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