Grass seeding machine made in China

April 16, 2021

Grass seeding machine made in China is mainly composed of diesel engine, spraying pump, mixing tank, spraying device and control system. The diesel engine has higher power. The grass seeding machine China is generally used on slopes with poor soil quality such as stone and debris, spraying mud with a certain concentration to lay a good foundation for spraying grass seedsThe grass seeding machine for sale is a new product produced by Ward Company, with a novel and simple structure, easy to use, high pressure, high efficiency and powerful functions. Not only can be used for guest soil spraying, hydraulic spraying, and high-order agglomerate spraying, but it can also be used for different construction needs such as post-sprinkling maintenance and fertilization.

The grass seeding machine made in china is still highway construction, high-speed railway construction, large-scale hydro power station construction, military camouflage, airport flight area grass planting, desert grass planting, soft rock slope reinforcement, golf course and other recreational places greening, municipal landscaping, urban The most ideal equipment for the construction of projects such as the harmless landfill and greening of garbage.

 Grass seeding machine made in China

The characteristics of the grass seeding machine made in china:

1. The overall frame of the guest soil spraying planter is carefully welded with square tubes. The tank body is folded by steel plate. The key parts of the tank body are reinforced with thickened steel plate to ensure the overall strength and durability of the machine and stable transportation;

2. The special spiral mixing and conveying material structure at the inlet of the pump can convey viscous materials and increase the thickness of the spray layer:

 Grass seeding machine made in China

3. The grass seeding machine made in china adopts mechanical stirring as a whole, which is convenient to use, high in transmission efficiency, easy for workers to maintain, easy to operate, and can effectively improve the uniformity of mixing:

4. Driven by a single diesel engine, low fuel consumption, convenient operation and easy maintenance, reducing use and working costs;

 Grass seeding machine made in China

The core pump of the grass seeding machine made in china adopts a special pressurized multi-stage pump, which can spray viscous materials from the nozzle at high speed, with a direct range of 20-80m, which reduces the difficulty of construction, improves efficiency, and increases safety. It can be accessed by high slopes. The rubber wear-resistant tube increases the lift and is convenient for construction.

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