Electric gunning machine for sale

August 31, 2020

Electric gunning machine for sale

Wodetec is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of electric gunning machine and refractory sandblasting machines. The shotgun machines manufactured and sold by Wodetec have successfully delivered concrete, refractory materials, cement slurry, bentonite slurry, mortar, Slurry, mud, glaze and other harsh media. WODETEC is a recognized enterprise of world-renowned companies.


air motor gunning machine

WODETEC has developed a full range of electric gunning machine, with output ranging from 1m3/h to 9m3/h. Electric motors, diesel engines, pneumatic engines and gasoline engines are all customizable. The output of our refractory glue spraying machine ranges from 1m3/h to 9m3/h. Electric motors and pneumatic motors are available.


electric gunning machine


The concrete pump of the electric gunning machine produced and sold by WODETEC conveys the concrete to the nozzle of the manipulator through the pipeline, and uses the compressed air with the speed coagulant to spray the concrete to the wall surface of the sprayed tunnel. It has reasonable structure, humanized design, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. No dust, low noise and low rebound rate when working. The machine greatly reduces the dust concentration near the machine and at the nozzle, improves the working environment of workers, and reduces pneumoconiosis caused by excessive dust.


electric gunning machine for sale

As a tidal shotcrete machine, the electric gunning machine is suitable for iron (public) road tunnels, high-rise buildings and water diversion culverts. The structure of the machine is simple, easy to operate and maintain. The 10 material chambers in the rotor of the spraying machine are made of special rubber, which shakes under the action of wind to form a self-cleaning to prevent the material from sticking.


gunning machine application


The electric gunning machine for sale produced and sold by WODETEC is widely used in engineering construction, mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground engineering and coal high-molecular mine roadway shotcrete construction operations: various types of industrial furnaces, lining refractory spray Forming or repairing: soil transportation and spraying in various slope protection and greening constructions. The machine can be used for wet spray, dry spray and individual fiber spray operations. If you need electric gunning machine, you can contact us directly.

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