Concrete wet spraying in shotcrete construction

April 13, 2021

The concrete wet spraying machine is the main equipment for the spray anchor support operation. It uses compressed air to mix the concrete material according to a certain gradation and water-cement ratio, through the conveying pipe through the nozzle of the shotcrete machine, and spray at a high speed. Concrete shotcrete machine is widely used in construction, municipal administration, railway and highway tunnels, foundation pits, mines, slopes and other related shotcrete support projects.

 Concrete wet spraying in shotcrete construction

Concrete spraying machine is divided into concrete dry shotcrete machine and concrete wet shotcrete machine. The concrete dry spraying machine adopts the dry spraying process. During the spraying concrete operation, the dust pollution and rebound are more serious, the air quality is poor, the water consumption control is inaccurate, the concrete strength is difficult to guarantee, and the use is restricted.

The wet concrete spraying machine adopts the wet spraying process, which solves many problems of the concrete dry spraying machine to a large extent, especially the low rebound rate and low dust concentration, which eliminates the harm to workers' health and saves the cost of spraying. The combination of materials is easy to control, and the work efficiency is higher than that of dry spraying, which is suitable for various working environments.

 Concrete wet spraying in shotcrete construction

The wet spray concrete construction process of wet concrete spraying machine is to produce finished concrete in the cement concrete mixing station according to the mix ratio. After the concrete is transported to the working surface, the concrete wet spray machine is used to press it to the nozzle position, and the quick setting is added at the nozzle. It is sprayed out at high speed after spraying agent, and the concrete and accelerator are fully combined during the high-speed spraying process, and the concrete supporting layer is formed by impacting on the surrounding rock.

Concrete wet spraying machine is the core equipment in wet spraying concrete construction. Common concrete wet spraying machines include small wet spraying machines, hydraulic wet spraying machines, rotor wet spraying machines, vehicle-mounted wet spraying machines and wet spraying manipulators. . With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of the quality of shotcrete, more and more projects require the use of wet concrete shotcrete. As the production technology of wet spraying machinery and related materials and equipment continues to advance, wet spraying concrete will be widely used as a mature construction technology.

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