Colloidal grout mixer with agitator in Pakistan

December 13, 2021

Colloidal grout mixer with agitator in Pakistan usually used in the construction of hydropower, railroads, highways, construction, mining and other industries. We can quickly mix grout or squeezer, cement, and water into the slurry. Compared to common grout mixers,grout mixer with agitator in Pakistan features high pulping efficiency, easy operation, uniform slurry, and short-distance transport capabilities.

When the colloidal grout mixer with agitator is activated, cement and water are injected proportionally into the pulping cylinder, and the pulping pump acts to allow the material in the cylinder to flow uniformly at high speed and the prepared slurry to flow in. Storage cylinder via valve. A stirring paddle is attached to the storage barrel to prevent the slurry from settling.

 Colloidal grout mixer with agitator in Pakistan

Functions of colloidal grout mixer with agitator in Pakistan:

1. High efficiency and large reserves. It can be applied to various grout injections.

2. Engineering work.

3. Safe and reliable; key component motors have a high level of protection.

The mixing arm of the storage tank adopts a frame modification structure with high strength, strong force and no deformation.

 Colloidal grout mixer with agitator in Pakistan

Safe operating procedure of colloidal grout mixer with agitator in Pakistan:

(1) It is necessary to select an appropriate distributed disk and mixing head according to the work requirements. To replace a distributed disc or mixing head: First loosen the nut at the bottom of the distributed disc with a wrench, remove the distributed disc to be replaced, and then replace it with a new disc. The upper distributed disc is screwed into the drive shaft.

(2) After turning on the power, turn on the power switch, turn the speed control knob of the motor to the right to start rotation slowly, and turn the motor to the left to decelerate slowly. If the rotation speed is high, the stir bar will shake slightly, but it will not affect the use under normal conditions. Note: The mixing head of this machine is strictly prohibited from leaving the material in motion.

(3) After finishing the work, return the governor to 0, turn off the power switch, turn off the power, and unplug it.

(4) After use, the grout mixer machine for drills needs to be cleaned in time.

 Colloidal grout mixer with agitator in Pakistan

When cleaning the colloidal grout mixer with agitator in Pakistan, the residual cement slurry should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent residual agglomeration that can cause equipment failure during the next use. After cleaning the grout mixer for the drill, add grease to the grease holes to extend the useful life of the internal seal of the transmission assembly.

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