China shotcrete pump manufacturer

July 21, 2020
China shotcrete pump manufacturer
China shotcrete pump manufacturer, Wodetec equipment offers two types of shotcrete pumps to our customers. One is a rotor type shotcrete pump, the other is a pump type wet shotcrete pump. Rotor type shotcrete pump is a thin flow wet mix shotcrete pump that adds compressed air to the machine, while the pump type wet mix shotcrete pump is a thick-type jet concrete pump that adds compressed air to the nozzle. In the Chinese market, there are some suppliers to provide customers with ordinary dry mix shotcrete machine as a wet mix shotcrete pump. It is well known that the spray effect of ordinary dry mix shotcrete machine is not as good as that of wet spraying.
Rotor type wet mix shotcrete machine
Rotor type wet shotcrete machine
Pump type wet mix shotcrete machine
Pump type wet shotcrete machine
Typically, rotor type wet shotcrete machines are used for small-volume spraying with a maximum output capacity of 5m3/h. Pump-type wet-mixed spray concrete machine is used for large-volume spraying, with a maximum output of 8 cubic meters per hour with an aggregate size of 20mm. For rotor type wet mix shotcrete machines, steel rotor plates and sealing plates are key components of the slurry machine. We provide our machines with high-quality steel rotor plates and sealing plates. The service life of the sealing plate can be 200 to 300m3, while the service life of the steel rotor plate can reach 2000m3.
In our experience, wet shotcrete machines are used in important concrete spraying projects such as water conservancy projects, tunnel engineering, mining projects, etc. Given that some customers do not have easy access to electricity on the job site, we have pneumatic motors and diesel-powered wet-spray concrete machines to choose from.
In order to provide the right model and quote you the best price locally as soon as possible, please let us know the following points when asked, as Wodetec Equipment is a leading brand of shotcrete machine manufacturer in China, there are now dozens of dry jet concrete machinery to choose from, and we can also tailor the right dry jet for you, because Wodetec Equipment has its own technical team and research and development capabilities, could design the shotcrete machine according to your demands, can also customize the color for you.
China shotcrete pump manufacturer
So tell us what you need for a shotcrete machine, for example:
1. What is the project that the machine will use for slope protection or other purposes? Need dry-mix shotcrete machine or wet-mix shotcrete machine? 
2. Do you need 3 cubic meters per hour, 5 cubic meters/hour or 9 cubic meters per hour of output?
3. The particle size of the highest material is less than 10mm, 15mm or 20mm?
4. Regarding the engine, you need a pneumatic motor, electric motor or diesel engine, if like electric motor, three-phase voltage, 380V, 50HZ can?
Once the answer to the above questions has been confirmed, the appropriate model of the shotcrete machine and the ex-factory price to your local port will be the first time.
If you have a project that requires a wet mix concrete shotcrete machine, feel free to let us know and we can provide the right shotcrete machine for your project. For more detailed product information, please visit the following website:

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