Cement grouting injection pump for foundation grouting

September 07, 2021

Cement grouting injection pump for foundation grouting has been developed in recent years using hydraulics and using advanced foreign technology, low energy consumption, low vibration, low noise, small size, high efficiency, stable and reliable performance, convenient. Cement grouting injection pump for foundation grouting has the advantages of pressure and flow control, and has a long service life. You can set the maximum pressure for high flow grout pumps. You can avoid unnecessary loss during grouting.

 Cement grouting injection pump for foundation grouting

Cement grouting injection pump for foundation grouting applications:

1. In construction projects, cement grouting injection pump are used to transport mortar vertically and horizontally.

2. In the metallurgical steel sector, it is used for repairing blast furnaces and other equipment.

3. High flow grout cement grouting injection pump are used for grout injection in defense engineering, civil defense engineering, mining and tunnel construction.

4. In the chemical industry, it is used to transport paste-like raw materials (color pastes, paints), magnetic materials and other media.

5. Used to reinforce dams in agricultural land water conservation projects. Sand drilling wells are used to reinforce the walls of the shaft.

6. In railroad construction, it is used to reinforce bridges and culvert grout.

 Cement grouting injection pump for foundation grouting

7. Prestressed component engineering is used for injection and expansion of mortar.

8. Used to carry fly ash mortar in thermal power plants.

9. In highway pavement maintenance, it is used to inject grout under the indentations of cement concrete pavement slabs.

When selling cement grouting injection pump,we need to be aware of the following:

1. Electrical control boxes, electro-hydraulic valves, and other electrical components should be kept clean and dry and should not be sprayed with water. Always check the wire jackets on the above parts to prevent electric shock and damage.

2. When moving the high flow grout pump at any time, do not hit all parts of the machine freely.

3. When operating a high flow grout pump, the operator must be knowledgeable about grout and familiar with this operating procedure.

4. The slurry is agitated evenly to prevent large particles and foreign matter from entering the slurry suction pipe.

5. The same slurry tank must be fixed and used.

6. When workers pour the bagged material into the grout barrel, it should be equipped with a labor protection device to prevent dust and corrosive materials from harming the body.

 Cement grouting injection pump for foundation grouting

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