Cement grout mixer machine price Philippines

July 06, 2021

Wodetec Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional cement grout mixer machine manufacturer, offering a range of cement grout mixer machine , grout pump, grout station.

Cement grout mixer machine price Philippines mixing tank capacities from 300L, 400L, 450L to 700L are available. Widely used in above-ground / underground engineering and construction due to its excellent mixing quality, high capacity, energy saving, strong and low wear.

Cement grout mixer machine price Philippines

We are a professional cement grout mixer machine suppliers and always provide grout mixers suitable for hydropower and solutions. 

 Cement grout mixer machine price Philippines

In order to provide the right type and quickly estimate the best cement grout mixer machine for you, please tell us the following points of your inquiry,

1 what material will you mixing, cement, water? Whether has other additive?

2 what's the W/C ratio? >0.45:1?

3 what's the capacity do you need?

4 would you like the high shear cement grout mixer with electric motor or diesel engine?

Normally, cement grout mixer machine price Philippines color are yellow, blue and white, but if you need other colors, please tell us the color code as well.

After reviewing the answers to the above questions, both the right type of cement grout mixer machine price Philippines will be offered first.

 Cement grout mixer machine price Philippines

The procedure for operating the cement grout mixer machine Philippines is as follows.

1. Check and fix the mixing impeller and make sure there are no leaks in the slurry pipe.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water, start the equipment to clean and moisten the pulping barrel and pipeline, and drain the water to the pulping machine after cleaning.

3. Add 80 kg or more of water, start the pulper, add the powder evenly in the specified order, control the supply time within 5-6 minutes, after all the powder has been added 3 ~ Continue stirring for 5 minutes.

4. Carry the prepared slurry to the slurry storage barrel to maintain dynamic slurry storage.

5. Start grouting after connecting the grout machine pipe to the slurry storage barrel or transporting it directly to the grout machine hopper.

6. Immediately after injecting grout, clean the equipment and pipeline and start the pulper so that the cement slurry remaining in the pulper and pipeline can be recycled.

If you have any questions about the cement grout mixer machine price Philippines, please feel free to contact us.Email: sales@wodetec.com

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