Cement grout mixer machine Singapore

June 07, 2021

Wdeotec Equipment is one of the leading suppliers of cement grout mixer machine Singapore in China. The production efficiency of cement grout mixer machine is higher than that of regular paddle grout mixers. As Wodetec technicians designed a high-speed impeller pump at the bottom of his colloidal grounding mixer, cement grout mixer machine disperse the cement into the water, thoroughly mixing the cement, bentonite, and water. The entire process takes only 3 minutes. The grout mixer machine Singapore requires 4-5 mixers to mix batches of cement slurries.

Cement grout mixer machine Singapore

The Wodetec grout mixer machine Singapore the following advantages:

One-man operation can save labor costs directly.

The stirring speed is very fast, and one batch takes only 3 minutes.

Transferring cement slurries from mixer to mixer is easy and time consuming

You can choose between electric motors and diesel engines.

Therefore, the grout mixer machine Singapore is widely used in grout applications such as post-tensioning, tunneling and mining for the production of cement slurries.

Cement grout mixer machine Singapore

Equipment maintenance for cement grout mixer machine Singapore:

1. Before starting the machine, make sure that the moving parts are not clogged by hand and that the connections are fixed everywhere. You can then turn on the machine to idle. Is there any other anomaly in the equipment during operation (continue to add water to the transmission assembly during operation), especially when viewed from the connection shaft of the transmission assembly, the motor rotates clockwise. 

2. Periodically check that 3 # base grease has been added to the transmission assembly.

3. Avoid prolonged idle operation of the circulation pump and prevent large hard particles and easy-to-roll ribbons from entering the circulation pump.

4. When cleaning the grout cement mixer, open the valve at the bottom of the pulping barrel and the valve at the bottom of the circulation pump to completely drain the residual cement slurry so that hardening does not affect the efficiency of the equipment. Must be.

5. Regularly adjust the tightness of the packing seal of the pump unit. It is advisable to drip some water from the packaging. Excessive compression affects packing life and equipment efficiency.

 Cement grout mixer machine Singapore

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