Cement grout injection pump for sale

August 20, 2021

Wodetec as a leading manufacturer and exporter of cement grout injection pump for sale in the petrochemical industry. The cement grout injection pump for sale is the latest type of positive displacement pump with low maintenance cost and high efficiency. The upper tank and lower tank for mixing cement slurry are used as operation tanks with agitator to keep the cement slurry in a uniform mixture.

 Cement grout injection pump for sale

Cement grout injection pump is used in mines, tunnels, irrigation, subways, buildings, bridge construction, etc., for grouting and blocking water. Filling holes can also be used to solidify broken magma. Repair defects in areas such as roads and railways. Cement grout injection pump for sale are widely used in the mining industry. This is due to its important role in the grouting process. The grouting pump is not only small in size, but also can be stepless adjustment adjusted to automatically adjust the constant pressure. Very reliable to use, suitable for maintenance work. It can be used in additional but inflammable, explosive or strong magnetic, strong radiation and dusty areas.

 Cement grout injection pump for sale

The grout injection pump for sale are suitable for a variety of applications because they can mix, pump and grouting most pre-mixed cement building materials. Cement, bentonite solid grouting, silica sand, etc. The special mixing effect of cement or bentonite and water is produced by the mixer due to the high turbulence generated in the pump casing. This turbulent flow with high shear forces separates cement or bentonite particles into a fully hydrated suspension. Cement is the oldest and most widely used grouting material in grouting engineering.

 Cement grout injection pump for sale

Cement grout injection pump for sale is a customized micro grouting pump, mainly used for cement grouting pipe injection, repairing damaged dangerous structures, integration of walls, rocks, dams, tunnels or weather resistance, fixing and sealing of pumps for special products . This cement grout pump can also be used for education and research.

1. Compact structure, light weight, convenient operation, low maintenance cost,

2. With digital display counter: it can be displayed at any time, and the working time can be accumulated.

3. The flow and pressure can be adjusted stepless adjustment.

4. Equipped with emergency unloading valve. Can be uninstalled in an emergency immediately.

5. At low pressure, the flow rates of the two pumps converge. Under high pressure

One pump works. Low pressure and high flow, high pressure and low output;

6. Full hydraulic shaft device, stable and reliable operation.

7. Cooling type. Water-cooled and air-cooled; suitable for hot and cold areas.

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