Cement and grout mixer for sale

March 31, 2021

Cement and grout mixer for sale is a molded product that has been used in the field and continuously improved by our original research and development, and is a dedicated slurry preparation device, which is mainly used for hydroelectric power generation and railway engineering work. The cement and grout mixer can be used for transportation, construction, mining and other industries. .The grout mixer for sale are mixed with water and its additives to quickly create a slurry. The cement grout mixer uses a high speed impeller and vortex to create a slurry. Compared to common low speed blade mixers, it features rapid slurry production and uniform slurry mixing.

 cement and grout mixer for sale

Advantages of cement and grout mixer for sale:

1. The pulping rate is very fast and takes about 2~3 minutes.

2, the water-cement ratio can reach 0.28: 1, which meets the requirements of new bridge regulations.

3. No cooling water is needed to prevent damage to the machine due to water shortage.

4. No assembly required, maintenance is easy and convenient.

5, with fast and powerful eddy current dual force cycle.

6. Achieves large shear force and multi-level shear.

 cement and grout mixer for sale

Use and maintenance of cement grout mixer :

1. Before starting the cement and grout mixer for sale, check if the fasteners are loose and turn by hand to see if the moving parts are clogged and idling will be performed. Check the machine for any abnormal noise.

Note: The motor rotates according to the direction of rotation of the impeller pump. The device is equipped with a phase order protection device. If the line order indicator lights up after the power is turned on, indicating that the pump is rotating in the wrong direction, adjust the phase order of the power lines. No long-term running water.

 cement and grout mixer for sale

2. Note: When using regular cement to produce high concentrations of slurry, it is necessary to add a certain percentage of water reducing agent, which should be consulted with the cement supplier.

3. Note: After pulping is complete, the barrel should be rinsed with a clean water cycle to prevent residual slurry from agglomerating on the barrel and pump or other parts and affecting normal use of the equipment next time. ..

4. It cannot be operated for a long time without water or slurry in the barrel. It also prevents large hard particles and entangled ribbons from entering the barrel.

5. Periodically check the wear condition of the bearing cover at the bottom of the pump casing and the slide bearing of the corresponding shaft sleeve, and replace or replace the grease according to the degree of wear.

6. When grout mixer for sale is finshed, remove the drain plug at the bottom of the pump casing to drain the water completely to prevent rusting of parts and damage to equipment due to freezing of water in winter.

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