Best concrete grout mixer for drill

June 05, 2021

Best concrete grout mixer for drill is specially developed for grouts with low water binder ratios, special pulping equipment is mainly used in the construction of hy dropower, railroads, highways, construction, mining and other industries. The best concrete grout mixer for drill can be quickly made by mixing grout, mud, cement and water.

Best concrete grout mixer for drill

Compared to general blade mixers,  the best concrete grout mixer for drill features high pulping efficiency, easy operation, uniform slurry, and the functions of a high-speed slurry mixer for short-distance transport.

The best concrete grout mixer work standards:

The electric motor drives a high-speed turbo pump. The slurry is sucked into a swirl from below and sprayed from the top of the barrel to generate a high speed liquid flow.

A strong swirl is formed in the barrel, the high speed grout machine is dried and the powder is agitated. And water are mixed evenly to prepare a slurry with a low water-pyrene ratio. the goal.

Instruction manual

Check that the mixing impeller is rotating correctly and make sure that the slurry pipe is not leaking.

Add an appropriate amount of water and open the device to clean and moisten the slurry tank and pipeline. After cleaning, the water in the pulper is discharged.

Best concrete grout mixer for drill

Add 80 kg or more of water, turn on the concrete grout mixer and beater, add the powder evenly according to the specified order, control the feeding time to 5-6 minutes, add all the powder and stir for 3 minutes Continue for up to 5 minutes;

Transfer the prepared slurry to a slurry tank to maintain dynamic slurry storage.

Connect the pipe of the pressure crusher to the slurry tank or connect the pulper directly to the pulper's hopper to start grouting.

As soon as the grouting is complete, clean the high speed mixer equipment and pipes and turn on the pulper to remove any residual cement slurry in the pulper and pipes.

 Best concrete grout mixer for drill

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