Air pneumatic shotcrete spray machines

November 12, 2021

Soil and rock drilling is effectively stabilized by shot cleats and various reinforcement and fixation systems. The use of air pneumatic shotcrete spray machine has advantages over traditional timber and steel support techniques. Air pneumatic shotcrete spray machines are also ideal for supporting tunnels and mining ground. Blasting or excavation; early strength development that provides flexibility to allow ground stabilization and stress relaxation; provides the ability to adapt to the natural and irregular contours of the ground without templates, making it any tunnel An increasingly ideal choice.

Air pneumatic shotcrete spray machines are also a good material for underground train stations, slopes and stores, providing long-term stability. It can be used as the final or permanent lining of underground structures. Air pneumatic shotcrete spray machines also exported to India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, and other countries.

Several employees have been involved in the design and sale of air pneumatic shotcrete spray machine for about 20 years, providing our customers with honest, friendly and timely technical consulting, technical support and after-sales service.

Air pneumatic shotcrete spray machines

In order to build good relationships with our customers, we have provided air pneumatic shotcrete spray machine at a competitive price and with sincere and timely service.Air pneumatic shotcrete spray machines are primarily used in most tunnel construction, tunneling, mining operations, hydropower projects, hillside protection, and large-scale slope integration operations.

Air pneumatic shotcrete spray machines

Air pneumatic shotcrete spray machine has the following features:

1. The upper hopper and the lifting hopper work together to achieve uninterrupted feeding and increase the volume of shotcrete per hour to 9 m³, improving work efficiency.

2. The  air shotcrete machine can easily slide on the track, and the upper hopper hydraulically controls the lifting, which reduces the labor intensity of maintenance personnel.

3. Four hydraulic outriggers allow the equipment to operate smoothly, firmly and safely, makair pneumatic shotcrete spray machines,air pneumatic shotcrete spray machine

ing it suitable for on-site construction.

4. Raise the lifting hopper to the specified height and the oil pump will stop automatically. This not only extends the life of the oil pump, but also reduces the energy consumption of the oil and saves costs.

5. The upper hopper can be easily opened and closed, and the unloading amount can be automatically adjusted according to the spray amount of the dry sprayer, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.

6. Rapid curing agent automatic addition device is equipped with innovative and rational design, continuous and uniform supply, stepless speed adjustment, labor cost reduction.

7. Adding an accelerator addition station for safety protection makes the addition of materials easier and safer.

8. There are activation switches on both sides of the fuselage for more convenient operation.

Air pneumatic shotcrete spray machines

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