A new type of vertical grouting pump (WDH75)

December 04, 2018

WDH75 grouting pump whose pressure grouting pump flow rate can be adjusted is designed with the Italian advanced technology, and our grouting pump production experience for many years. The pump has small volume, compact structure, suitable for small space of grout and grouting operations. Grouting pressure can be up to 10 MPa, maximum flow 75 L/min.

WDH75 grouting pump

The grouting pump has functions of high speed and low speed. The high speed small pressure correspond to the large displacement when early filling operation quickly, The low speed high pressure correspond to the small displacement when last filling operation.

WDH75 grouting pump

The pump adopts full hydraulic pressure drive and hydraulic reversing technology, it has two sets of cooling system to adapt to the cold and hot environment. This grouting pump has multiple overload protection function, such as mechanical protection, electrical overload protection and hydraulic overload protection. In short, it is a new structure, the ideal grouting equipment product. Once GDH75 grouting pump is available, it gets the support of Malaysia customer.

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