A new type of grouting pump station for civil engineering

December 03, 2018

WGP300/300/75PI-E grout plant is combination of mixer, rectangular agitator and piston grout pump in one plant. This grout plant is mainly used in municipal, highway, railway, hydropower, construction, mining and other construction site for grouting.

An agitator maintains in suspension mixes such as cement mortar or bentonite clay. Grouting pump absorbs cement paste from agitator. Because of using rectangular agitator, makes the plant with smaller boundary dimension.WGP300/300/75PI-E grout plant

Mixer is used to obtain cement paste through the intense mixing of water and cement or bentonite. The obtained mix is transported into an agitator.

Grout plant is designed for double-acting piston, so discharge of grouting pump is continuous, uniform and smaller pulse. The grouting pump adopts the full hydraulic drive. Grouting pressure and output are step-less adjustable and grouting pump has high speed and low speed by rotating ball valve switch. Besides, the pump has a function of record and display grouting pump reciprocating times by a counter.

WGP300/300/75PI-E grout plant

In short, the plant is high efficiency and low cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance. So it is a cost-effective ideal machine to meet your project requirements.

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