Commercial hydroseeder sales South America

2022-02-26 17:26:36

Commercial hydroseeder sales South America is a new type of greening method. During work, green grass seeds are mixed with water retention agents, glues, grass fibers, fertilizers in a mixing container and the mixed slurry is sprayed onto the ground. The slurry mixed with a commercially available hydrocedar contains water-retaining materials and various nutrients, which secures the nutrients necessary for plant growth and is suitable for large-area greening work.

Commercial hydroseeder sales South America

The working principle of commercial hydroseeder sales South America is to mix plant seeds and grass seeds with special ingredients (fertilizers, pigments, wood fiber mulch, pulp and paper, adhesives, water retention agents, etc.) through scientific processing. Is to do. Spray state-of-the-art planting equipment on the ground or slopes by mixing, using flower and soil improvement, high pressure pump operation.

Commercial hydroseeder sales South America

The cost of commercial hydroseeder sales South America is relatively low, operational safety is significantly improved, and commercial hydroceaders for sale are especially useful for traveling on relatively scattered slopes on medium and low grades. am. Commercial hydrocedar machines are primarily powered by diesel engines, have low fuel consumption, are easy to operate and maintain, reduce operating and working costs, and have nozzles that are easy to assemble and maintain.

Commercial hydroseeder sales South America

The commercial hydroseeder sales South America has gradually replaced atomizers and concrete pumps, solving the problems of inefficient atomizers, high construction costs, high labor costs and high costs. Commercially available hydrocedar machines can be used for spray seeding on non-soil or organic soil surfaces (rocks, soil, sand, etc.). The main scope of commercial hydrocedar machines is road greening, mountain greening, golf course greening, flat land greening, river embankment greening, etc.

When using a commercial hydroseeder sales South America, you need to keep the following in mind:

  1. The operator must carefully read this manual and the accompanying diesel engine manual and follow the technical operation and maintenance procedures specified in the manual.
  2. Sift the soil of a commercially available hydrocedar and put it in a box.
  3. If the ambient temperature in winter is less than 5 degrees, it is necessary to drain the cooling water in the engine water tank.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to touch rotating parts such as walking gears and belts when a commercially available hydroceeder is in operation.
  5. If you leave the battery for a certain period of time, the battery will be consumed. At this time, do not start the diesel engine frequently. Also, the battery must be fully charged before use.
  6. When operating a commercially available hydroceeder to load materials, do not remove the packing box screen to prevent people from falling and endangering their lives. Also, check daily to see if the screen is solid.

Before starting the commercial hydrocedar, be sure to fill the diesel engine tank with water, rinse the water pipes and water pipes after operation, and switch off.

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