What are the main advantages of different types of grouting pumps?

October 09, 2018

The main function of the grouting pump is to reciprocate the material (such as cement, sealing material PD, etc.) and repeatedly squeeze the material to fully enter the drainage hole, thereby increasing the sealing area and achieving sufficient coverage. Increase the effect of gas drainage. During the gas drainage process in coal mines, many sealing materials are not completely covered, and it is impossible to completely seal the deep areas. At this time, the power of the grouting pump is required.

According to the driving method, the grouting pump can be divided into three types: pneumatic grouting pump, hydraulic grouting pump and electric grouting pump. What are the main advantages of these three types of grouting pumps?

The main advantages of pneumatic grouting pumps are:

1.The pressure is high and the power is strong. It is capable of injecting a viscous slurry with a high consistency coefficient. Therefore, it is not easy to block the slurry discharge line during the grouting process, and the grouting is smooth.

2. The automatic adjustment system is superior. Equipped with air pressure stability automatic adjustment system, it can automatically adjust the slurry pressure and flow rate according to the viscosity of the slurry, avoiding the phenomenon of 'self-stopping' and ensuring the stability of the pump body. It can solve various grouting requirements under complex conditions such as high elevation angle and high pressure.

3. No "bubbles", the rate is fast. The direct contact between gas and slurry is avoided during the grouting process, which solves the phenomenon of “bubble” during the grouting process, ensures the quality of grouting and sealing, and the grouting rate is fast, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

4.The operation is simple, the cleaning is convenient, the movement is convenient, and the wind power is used as the power source, and the safety hazard during the operation is small.

Four advantages of hydraulic grouting pump:

1. Full hydraulic reversing control system: pumping and S tube distribution reversing action without electric signal participation, small commutation impact, low noise, obviously improve the service life of hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve.

2. The full hydraulic reversing control system eliminates the intermediate link of electric signal control and greatly improves the reliability of the whole equipment operating system.

3, the use of concentrated valve plate: the main system hydraulic valve is concentrated on a valve plate, reduce the cross-connected pipeline, the system is more compact, reducing the chance of oil leakage.

4. The mortar conveying pump adopts the centralized lubrication system. The progressive distribution system supplies oil to each lubrication point one by one, and can supply oil regularly and quantitatively, saving equipment maintenance time and grease usage.

Electric grouting pump performance characteristics:

1. The electric grouting pump is a professional grouting equipment, which can realize single-liquid grouting and double-liquid grouting.

2. The electric two-liquid grouting pump is small in size and light in weight, and is suitable for a wide range of construction. It is mainly used in the construction of railway road tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, subway tunnels, mine roadways, military facilities, various underground buildings and emergency areas.

3. The adjustable performance of the electric grouting pump is better: the pressure displacement of the pump can be arbitrarily set within the design range. When the pressure exceeds the allowable pressure, the overflow valve will automatically open, and the cylinder and the working cylinder will stop working. Play a safe role.

4. In the inflammable and explosive construction sites such as coal mines, the electric two-liquid grouting pump uses explosion-proof motors, which can also be used safely.

5. The electric grouting pump is equipped with an anti-seismic pressure gauge in the hydraulic system, which can accurately reflect the working state of the pump.

6. The electric grouting pump can also be used as a clean water pump, sewage pump and mud pump.

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